Foot Care for Diabetics

March 1, 2017 • • diabetes

Diabetes presents many challenges to those who are affected. It can be difficult enough just to manage insulin and watching food intake, but diabetics are also at high risk of diabetic neuropathy. This is a condition in which high blood sugar damages nerve fibers, mostly in the legs and feet. The result is a loss of feeling, diminished blood flow, and reduced circulation, making it difficult to notice injuries and even more difficult for injuries to heal quickly.

It’s possible to prevent diabetic neuropathy or at least slow it down if you are mindful about sugar and insulin balance, as well as leading a healthy, active lifestyle. Making foot care a part of your daily routine can help prevent problems, promptly treat issues, and for those who don’t have it yet, detect diabetic neuropathy as it develops.

Make the following a part of your daily foot care routine:

  • Clean your feet with soap and warm water each day. If you’ve already got a severe case of diabetic neuropathy, you should check the temperature to make sure that you don’t burn your feet. After washing, make sure to dry your feet completely, and then moisturize. This will help prevent bacterial and fungal infections and dry skin.
  • Treat any cuts and scrapes with first aid. Additionally, inspect your feet for problems like ingrown toenails or blisters.
  • Socks, slippers, and indoor shoes should be worn to protect feet from accidentally stepping on something sharp. However, make sure socks are clean, and slippers and indoor shoes are allowed to dry out and kept clean as well.

The best way to prevent and slow diabetic neuropathy is to keep your sugar levels in tight control and exercise. Exercise is not only helpful to your overall health; it’s also great for encouraging circulation and increasing blood flow to the legs and feet.

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