Childhood Obesity Hurts Your Child’s Feet

January 25, 2018 • • pediatric foot care
childhood obesity affects feet long term

Children who are obese are more likely to have problems with their feet. Simply put, the excess weight that the child must carry causes the feet to have to work harder to support. Obesity is known to cause problems with development, both physically and mentally. With obesity rates on the rise for children, it’s more important than ever for parents and physicians to help children get healthier. In particular, our podiatrists want you to know that some of the following problems can affect the feet of children who are obese or overweight.

    • Flat Feet: Excessive weight can put extra pressure on the feet and cause the arches to flatten. This can cause excessive pulling on the plantar fascia and the Achilles tendon, causing pain along the bottom of the feet or heels.
    • Overpronation: This can also happen due to fallen arches, which can cause the ankles to roll inward to stabilize the feet. It can result in excessive strain on the ankles, especially on the ligaments on the inner and outer ankles.
    • Joint pain: Knees and ankles are both likely to be affected by the excess weight. They may have to endure more impact when walking or jumping, causing irritation and pain. Joints may become misaligned and grow incorrectly.
    • Blount’s Disease: When a child is obese, there’s a chance that the legs will bow out while ankles develop incorrectly. Orthotics or prescriptive shoes can be used to treat the deformity.
    • Sever’s Disease: Sever’s Disease is characterized by inflammation of the growth plate in the heel, causing pain in the area. It can cause developmental issues in the feet if the growth plate becomes damaged or fractured.
While we have discussed foot-related problems due to obesity, other health problems are likely as well. Obese children usually have higher risks of heart problems, high blood pressure, and diabetes. It also affects a child’s mental health as they may suffer from societal pressures. Healthy foods and regular exercise can help your obese child get back to a healthy body weight. Consult a pediatrician about how to help your child, and for foot or ankle problems, make an appointment with us at Alamitos-Seal Beach Podiatry Group. One of our board-certified podiatrists, Dr. Douglas H. Richie, Dr. Jeremy L. Cook, Dr. Faye E. Izadi will be happy to help at either of our Orange County offices in Seal Beach, CA and Los Alamitos, CA.

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