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How to Prevent Heel Pain

June 10, 2023 • The Kimmel Institute • foot carefoot exercise

Heel pain can stop you from working, taking care of your family, and participating in your favorite hobbies. Once heel pain starts, it can be hard to overcome, especially for those with active lifestyles in Los Alamitos and Seal Beach.

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Healthy Home for Healthy Feet

June 15, 2017 • • foot carefoot exercise

With all the research and knowledge available about leading healthy lives, it’s more important than ever to change bad habits sooner than later. Leading a healthy lifestyle starts with good habits, strong willpower, and a wellness-promoting environmen

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Yoga for Your Feet

May 11, 2017 • • foot carefoot exercise

While walking is said to be the best exercise for the feet, almost all exercises can benefit the feet, since most involve them. One exercise in particular that we’ll focus on today is Yog

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