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March 8, 2017 • • toe conditions

Have you been suffering from painful ingrown toenails? They may be getting infected and they may keep coming back. Some of you may have ingrown toenails that do not even cause pain. What’s going on?

Ingrown toenails happen when the nail grows into the skin. When there is a break in the skin, it can lead to pain, inflammation, and infection. The specific cause of ingrown toenails differs from person to person. The following are reasons why you may be suffering from ingrown toenails:

  • It could be a hereditary issue that naturally causes your toenails to curve downward. If your toes turn inward or downward, as with curly toes, you may be prone to ingrown toenails as well, due to the pressure on the nails.
  • Another cause could be excessive external pressure, especially from shoes that do not fit properly. If the toebox is too tight, there can be too much pressure to the top and front of the toenails, pushing the toenail to grow into the skin. Shoes that are too small can also cause that pressure to the front of the toenails.
  • Fungal infections can harden the toenail, and if the skin is inflamed, it can result in the toenail growing into the skin.
  • If you have an injury with prolonged swelling, it’s possible that the nail will grow into the inflamed skin as well.
  • A common cause of ingrown toenails is cutting your toenails too short and round. The skin can become irritated and swell up around your toenails. Make sure to cut the toenail straight across, and do not cut off all the white parts.

The best way to deal with painful ingrown toenails is to see a podiatrist. Trying to pry out a toenail yourself may make the problem worse and increase risk of infection. In order to prevent issues, make sure you: wear proper-fitting shoes, ice and elevate to reduce any swelling, treat infections, and cut your toenails straight across.

Are your ingrown toenails a constant problem? Come see us. One of our board-certified podiatrists, Dr. Douglas H. Richie, Dr. Jeremy L. Cook, Dr. Faye E. Izadi will assess your situation and prescribe the appropriate solution to rid you of your ingrown toenail problems. Make an appointment today at Alamitos-Seal Beach Podiatry Group at one of our Seal Beach, CA and Los Alamitos, CA offices in Orange County.

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